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Welcome New Members....

A big shout out to the new members:

matt_a_moser and rune_axe2

Thanks for joining!! rune_axe2, I was happy to see you at Clan Wars... I do hope that you join us for other events as well.

matt_a_moser, I hope to see more of you in the future!
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"As a First Resort" Discussion post

I complete the latest quests and the new Area is Fantastic! I love it. If you are planning to do the quest, I high recommend doing it. I am making two posts today.

1) Will be the general quest help discussion post (that's this one)

2) Will be the guide itself.

I am doing this for discussion/help on the quest if you need it (hahaha, may be too late by then)
or questions that you may have about the quest, and other discussions.

The second will be my guide, where you can refer to if you don't want to be like me and spend 4 hours figuring out what do do next. Personally, I hate spoilers, so I don't rely on tip sites or any other type of assistance when questing. But that is just me. =p

So, all in all, what did/do you think about the quest?
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Summoning Crazy mage!!!

I have tyo admit, I have gone crazy about summoning. I spent my whole day Monday quasi-exploring the Chaos tunnels and collecting charms.

i was skeptical about going in there, as I have not read the full story of the update yet. After I had exploited all of my charms in my bank, I knew that the only way I was going to continue to raise Summoning is if I began to battle more critters for charms and other necessary materials. Of course the question was...what drops charms?? I knew, from previous experience, that Bloodvelds and Black Unicorns dropped charms, but I was not sure of what other creatures do. So, I was about the slay some more unicorns, when i thought I would drop down the tunnels and see what it had for training. Behold, found some Moss giant and Fire Giants! With that, began collecting charms from them! Currently holding 97 gold, 12 green, 7 crimson, and 3 blue.

that was about all I did today. I need to later go back to runecrafting as my supply is dropping like nothing.

How was your runescapian day?
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Well, it's official....

I shall be making a clan. Furthermore, I shall be making a community for the clan right here on LJ so we can communicate better. I know that there are a lot of free "websites" out there, but currently, we are not big yet, so I decided to wait a bit and if (er, when) we get that big, move up a bit.

I shall be working on it this Friday, as I have a 3-day week-end from work and will actually have the time to work on it and make it "worthy". Until then, just use this post to post comments, suggests and anything else I could put into consideration for the community.

EVENT: The coming Sunday, let's head over to CW and give what we got of Summoning a run for it's money.

We can meet up at about 1PM Hawaii time.....(3PM Western, 7PM Eatern, GMT 11PM <-- kinda late...oops, sorry, I hope you can make it). I would be on earlier, but I have an engagement already set up, and to be honest, this week-end is going to be...quite a busy one.

Anyhoo, next week-end I should be able to get on earlier, so if this week-end is rough for everyone, look forward to next week as well.

Take care and happy summoning!

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Clan P N W

And so it begins....I am now the leader of a new clan, P N W (Pancakes and Waffles).

Sunday was a blast. had some people who didn't follow directions and we ended up losing quite a few matches, but later got into the groove. Next thing I knew, they all appointed me leader and so it's the birth of P N W~~

Currently I have 3 generals:

Tomcat, Lady Noremon, and Cyan Wrath. I think I shall just keep those three unitl the clan becomes bigger. If i can get the other members to join LJ, then I will set up a community, but for now, I will just leave it off of my journal.

All P n W members, comment so I can have your lj username.

thaks for fighting. See you next week end for sure.
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Clan Wars....Final Update....

Tomorrow is the big day. Currently I have over 10 people who stated interest in Clan Wars tomorrow. I shall repost the times, and this will be the final post. Look forward to seeing those who plan to come tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this).

Take Care and remember...

For honr...for glory...For waffles, potatoes and the sort!

World: 18 (clan war world)

Clan chat*: hisensei808


Hawaii 9AM

West Coast (Cali, Oregon, etc...): 11AM

Mountain: Noon

Central: 1PM

Eastern (NY, FL, etc..): 2 PM

UK: 7 PM

And so on...

*Special note about the clan chat...I shall be on 1 hour prior to the event. those who are interested in helping me challenge other clans jump on early so I can rank you. Try to help find "fight" worth clans.
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Clan Wars Sunday...Update....

Ok, We are still on for Clan Wars on Sunday, but due to mass demands, I am going to pushing forward 2 hours in hopes to gather more people. A lot of people commented on the time being a little too early. So here is the new time schedule for Clan wars. Please post if you can make it. I am hoping to generate a big enough clan to "survive" a few rounds of Clan Wars.

Again...This is a SAFE mini game. You will lose nothing upon your death. It is for honor and glory!

Soo here's the sched:

Hawaii: 9AM

West Coast: 11AM
Mountain: Noon
Central: 1PM
Eatern: 2PM


Alright.....hope to see some of you there!
Oh, and we shall begin in World 18....So don your Barrows, get your best arrows, Grab your best Melee weapon, Ancient if you got it! Let's Rock em!

PS x-posted throughtout LJ =p
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For the honor of Aloha! Clan Wars Sunday....


Thank to Sir mixed__up I am really into Clan Wars so much that I am hoping to create a clan of freelancers to go and battle other clans for fun! Anyone interested in joining me on Sunday (this coming Sunday) for some p2p clan wars? If we make a clan prior to going then we can just go and fight other clans. Post here if you are interested. Since I shall be using my clan chat, let me know your RSN, and preferred style of fighting. Open to all levels of combat, personally, I don't care what level you are, just come and have some fun! I need to make ranks so thhat people can challenge other people and we don't wait in idle looking forever to challenge other clans.

Example when posting:

Hisensei808 Mage

Collapse )

If anything this should be fun. I have 2 people who stated interest already and will continue to recruit more people. I suggest that you do the same, but no pressure f you can't. A bigger clan = bigger glory (becoming undefeatable in P2P!!) Cheers!
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(no subject)

Yep, been a while since I have been here. Not that I have not been walking about in the land of runescape, I just have been busy with real life that I have had very little time to do much of anything. With the deadly update on the tenth that almost made me resign from my maging career, I still have decided that I will continue playing. Upon that decision, I finally made it to 97 Mage just before I left my home for a small mini vacation. I am currently away from home enjoy so well deserved rest. I should be back in the maging scene so.

I went out to the wild to find and complete a clue the other day. It is nice to be able to go out there with all my shinies. However I didn't anticipate being attacked while doing this clue, but sure enough, without warning I was taken down by a ghost. Lesson learned. I lost 20k runes (airs and chaos) so I think for the remainder of the year I will just be replenishing my lost surplus and more. I sincerely recommend the Mage training area for Mage training as you gain extra so for alching as you get some extra Mage so bonus. Yea, in between rcing I will be hitting barrows and MTA to shoot for 99 Mage. Unlike many others, I am not going to PC my way up to 99, yeah I know it's quicker, but I prefer to Mage it up! Wish me luck!

On a final note: I am planing to save up for a shiny mud staff to help complete my staff collection!
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Real Life kills Lil Mage's heroics...

Yea, Real life (or the life I play in my house while I am not maging) has got me completely absorbed. Last night, my "online" Character (the real life one) has been swamped with assessments, meetings and more. Alas, The fifth sun is no the rise and I shall once again walk the Runescapian Earth looking for trouble to mage.

Until tomorrow, hang tight!
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