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10 March
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This journal is dedicated to the daily scrabbles of the "poor lil mage gurl," namely...me. Hahaha. this journal is pure fiction, but based on what my RPG (role playing character) does in the land of Runescape. I truly ejoy playing the game and am looking for people who enjoy it as much as I do. Again, the writings are fictionous, but the player behind the doing is real. I hope you enjoy this little space outside of runescape. Thanks!


"A lil mage goes a long way!"

Edit (April 22, 2007):

Well, time flies when having fun. I thought I would give this a little update. Those who now know me in game, know the real me! And I really appreciate all your support. My RSN: is hisensei808, but it is usually set to friends as I don't like random people IMing me in game asking to be their GF or begging me for free stuff. If you are looking for a new "in-game" chat buddy, then post here and I will add you. Be warned, if you begin to upset me, or beg me for Fr33 st00f, you will be deleted off my friend's list!! Grrrrrrrr!

happy gaming!

PS: This is one of 2 journals I own. This is strictly RS related. I feel I didn't want to bother my other LJ Friends with RS related stuff, so I created "Lil mage gurl." She is mostly a mage, as you can clearly see. I would like to try to get my range to 70 at least, but even after that goal, I shall continue maging more than anything else! After all, what's a mage to do??

PPS: If you would like to be LJ friends on me othher journal, then you will have to find it, Muhahahaha